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At CEU I am working as part of an ERC Synergy Grant awarded to Günther Knoblich, Dan Sperber, Gyuri Gergely, and Josep Call. This project combines research into infant, human adult, and primate cognition, as well as experiments and theoretical models of cultural transmission and evolution.

I joined this project in 2016. More details on the overarching aims of the project can be found at the


(2020). Skill and Expertise in Joint Action. In Fridland, E. & Pavese, C. (Eds). Routledge Handbook on Philosophy of Skill and Expertise (Forthcoming, August 2020).

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(2020). It Goes With the Territory: Ownership Across Spatial Boundaries. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, Advance online publication..

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(2019). The role of emotion in the dyad inversion effect. PLoS ONE 14(7): e0219185.

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